Helpful Links

* Here is a Link to my Psychology Today page:

* The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Website has a wealth of resources and information about different types of trauma, trauma treatment and other resources:

* Teens and young adults can experience significant stress including self-criticism and perfectionism.  There is a growing body of research that speaks to the power of developing and sustaining self-compassion.  Visit this link on How to Help Teens increase self-acceptance and compassion as a means of lowering anxiety.

* Health Journeys Website is a Clearinghouse for a huge variety of guided meditation and guided relaxation downloads that you can purchase as a helpful tool in conjunction with therapy or on it’s own merit

* Human Trafficking is a major problem in the United States and elsewhere.  The National Human Trafficking Hotline and website has information and help.

* Check out (in Connecticut) for info about various social services, crisis services and other community services.

* True Colors Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services is a great Resource and their website has good information:

* The CPTSD Foundation offers resources for trauma survivors and trauma practitioners

Other helpful links:

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