People seek out therapy for many different reasons, including struggles with life transitions, challenging work situations, school stress, parenting stressors, traumatic experiences, illness, and family or partner conflict.  Getting help from someone who is professionally trained can be extremely beneficial.  If you are ready, it can be life changing.  Other times you may just need a brief period of counseling to help with a more short term problem that you are trying to work through.

Choosing to seek out counseling and engage in treatment is an investment of your time and energy, and takes courage and commitment.  Together we can clarify what your goals are for therapy.

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for twenty-four years.  I have a general practice, meaning that I treat people with a variety of presenting issues, including anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.  My specialties are providing trauma-focused treatment for adults, as well as working with young adults facing life transitions or adjustments to new chapters, such as college or work life.  My style is to be warm and open, with a deep desire to listen carefully and understand your experience and what you need.  I often incorporate mindfulness techniques and psychoeducation and practice around how you can work with your nervous system and brain to reduce symptoms and increase calmness.

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